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Survey Equipment

The equipment used by TRAFFTRANS in providing our services includes highly sophisticated electronic counting equipment, intrusive as well as non-intrusive state-of-the-art communication equipment. Video equipment is also used for traffic surveys in addition to the existing counting equipment. TRAFFTRANS has also acquired radar speed measuring equipment for undertaking short term speed surveys on low volume roads.

Our Associations

TRAFFTRANS is proud to be in association with Central Weighing, a UK based company for weigh-in-motion (WIM). This company is one of the most renowned companies in the field of WIM. Their product range consist of permanently installed sensors for high-speed (piezo-based) as well as low speed (load cell design) WIM. For slow speed measurements accuracies varies between 0.5% and 3.0%, while the high speed measurements would be less than 10%.

We have also closely engaged with Truvelo of South Africa through the development of WIM measuring equipment over the last 20 years. TRAFFTRANS manufactures the capacitive sensors, which could be used for high speed as well as slow speed weight measurements.

Recently, the Truvelo weight measuring unit has been completely re-designed to cater even better for the market. Although this WIM equipment can also be used in permanent installations, its main aim is to cater for temporary WIM surveys. Accuracies vary between 7% and 15% depending on vehicle and local conditions.

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