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TRAFFTRANS was established in 1980 to fulfill a need for specialised services for the collection of traffic and transport related data for the civil and transportation engineering fraternity.

The incorporation of two other engineering firms, Van Heerden & Van der Vyver Incorporated (V&V) and Mackintosch Bergh & Sturgess (MBS) has helped to ensure consistent and substantial growth in the turnover as well as in the range of our services portfolio.

Around our main activity, the collection and analysis of traffic data, we have also developed a number of related products that brought us accolades of success:

Our Staff & Management

TRAFFTRANS employs a strong technical team and a number of other specialist consultants. Depending on the nature of specific survey projects, temporary large staff is used, consisting mainly of previously disadvantaged individuals.

Our present permanent staff members have an accumulative employment record of nearly 90 years.

Frans van Heerden

TRAFFTRANS is managed by Frans van Heerden (Managing Director), a professional traffic and transportation engineer with a Master’s degree in traffic and transportation from the University of Pretoria, South Africa and also responsible for specialist traffic management.

Piet Labuschagne

The Company’s Technical Manager, Information Technology, Piet Labuschagne, has more than 30 years’ experience in traffic surveying and has been with the Company since its inception. He is responsible for the overall integrity of the processed data.

Lawrence Haigh

Lawrence Haigh is Technical Manager, Operations, responsible for planning, management and carrying out the various surveys undertaken by the company and also providing other value-added engineering services.

Stephan van Heerden

Most recently we have acquired the services of Stephan van Heerden, Development Manager, who has vast experience in the IT-field.

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